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About us

Welcome! Nice to meet you! We’re Ola and Alex – friends and colleagues – the creators of English Owls Academy and English Owls (a platform for online teachers of English). What inspired us to start this project is a passion for teaching and training, a mutual name (we’re both actually Alexandra) and one sleepless night when it all began!


🦉 mumpreneur, teacher, CELTA tutor
🦉CELTA, DELTA, MA in Education
🦉irrepressible, optimistic, always on the go!
🦉audiobooks, smiling, oat milk
🦉mum, wife, fun earrings collector
🦉 mówię też po polsku! 🇵🇱


🦉teacher, CELTA tutor
🦉CELTA, DELTA, MA in Creative Writing
🦉creative, a good listener, day-dreamer
🦉books, dancing, veggie
🦉friend, long-term partner, zany doodling artist
🦉 Vorbesc și română! 🇷🇴

The rest of the Owls team are some lovely native or proficient English speakers, who are at least CELTA (University of Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – qualified, who have got a few things in common:

🦉 they are passionate about teaching
🦉 they know all about teaching online and are constantly being trained on new solutions
🦉 they are all female at the moment #girlpower!
🦉 they treat every student individually and are very serious about you reaching your goals in English!

All of us are looking forward to meeting you very soon online in our classes!👋