Do people really use Conditionals in English?

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Do people actually use conditionals in speaking?

Do you sometimes feel that the grammar you learn has nothing to do with real life? How many times have you studied conditionals and you cannot use them? If you think that people don’t actually use them in real life, think again. Here are some everyday examples of how conditionals can be used:

First conditional:
1.If it rains tomorrow (I think it’s probable–the weather forecast is calling for rain), I will take my umbrella.
2. If she cooks dinner tonight, her husband will wash the dishes.
3. If the baby misses her nap, he’ll be cranky this afternoon.
4. If he exercises, he will lose weight!

Second conditional:
1. They would go to France if they had enough time off from work.
2. She would ask for help if she needed it.
3. If I won the lottery, I’d share with all of you!
4. If I had enough money, I’d buy a Ferrari.

Third conditional:
1. If I hadn’t missed my bus, I would have got home earlier. (But I did miss the bus)
2. If it hadn’t rained, I would have gone out to the park in the morning. (But it did rain)
3. If I’d been happy, I wouldn’t have moved out of my home country. (But I wasn’t happy)

CHALLENGE! Think of a situation from your own life that can be described using a conditional and share it below!