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Meet the owls

General Manager

🦉 mumpreneur, teacher, teacher trainer
🦉 CELTA, DELTA, MA in Education
🦉 irrepressible, optimistic, always on the go!
🦉 audiobooks, smiling, oat milk
🦉 mum, wife, podcaster!
🦉 mówię po polsku. (I speak Polish.) 🇵🇱

Academic Director

🦉 teacher, teacher trainer
🦉 CELTA, DELTA, MA in Creative Writing
🦉 creative, a good listener, day-dreamer
🦉 books, dancing, veggie
🦉 friend, long-term partner, zany doodling artist
🦉  vorbesc și română! (I speak Romanian) 🇷🇴 and hablo español (I speak Spanish) 🇪🇸 and
je parle français (I speak French) 🇫🇷


🦉Born and raised in Cyprus
🦉Studied in 3 different countries, Celta; MA in European Linguistics
🦉 3-year experience teaching English at a successful school in central London
🦉 Big on mindfulness practice; living near water is a must – windsurfing as a summer pastime
🦉 Μιλώ ελληνικά & Ich spreche Deutsch. (I speak Greek and I speak German.) 🇨🇾🇩🇪


🦉 teacher, interpreter, PA
🦉 CELTA, BA in English Language and Literature
🦉 over 10 years’ experience teaching English in London and Madrid
🦉 multilingual
🦉 hovorím po slovensky (I speak Slovak)🇸🇰
🦉 hablo español (I speak Spanish) 🇪🇸
🦉 je parle français (I speak French) 🇫🇷


🦉 Teacher, Translator/Interpreter, Occasional Writer
🦉 English & Japanese BA, CELTA, MA in TESOL (in progress) 
🦉 Kind, open-minded, (sometimes a bit too) polite ^-^
🦉 Animals, travels, 80s music enthusiast
🦉 Friend, volunteer, thinker
🦉 vorbesc și română! (I speak Romanian.) 🇷🇴


🦉 Proficient English speaker scoring 8.0 overall in IELTS
🦉 Bachelor of English Linguistics and Literature
🦉 CELTA-certified teacher with 5 years of experience
🦉 Passionate, energetic, open-minded
🦉 Tôi nói tiếng Việt. (I speak Vietnamese.) 🇻🇳


🦉 Born and raised in Argentina
🦉 Food lover and sports enthusiast 🙂
🦉 CELTA and two English teaching degrees
done in Argentina (one for primary
level and another one for secondary and
higher education) 
🦉 Over 10 years’ experience
teaching English in bilingual schools
in Argentina
🦉 Hablo español (I speak Spanish)🇪🇸
🦉Eu falo um pouquinho de
português (I speak some Portuguese)🇵🇹