Why is online study still your best option? 5 benefits of online English lessons in 2021

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So you’re probably wondering why you should still continue studying online if the world is going to go back to normal soon. Shops are reopening, restrictions are being lifted and it feels like the need for online study is not there anymore. Or maybe you’re so tired of being in front of your screen now that you have been doing for over a year now because of the global situation? I know, lots of people have those thoughts!

But let me remind you about THE FACTS.

  1. Online English lessons are still the most convenient form of improving your English skills! You can do it from the comfort of your own house, on the sofa, in your car, on a walk with your dog (although we do recommend sitting down while studying!) You’re also not wasting time getting to your language school especially now when commuting by public transport still isn’t the safest thing to do.
  2. The world is your oyster. Because it’s online, you have a chance to meet people (both teachers and other students) from all over the world – how awesome is that! All our teachers are located in different parts of the world (including the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Slovakia and Vietnam, WOW!) and the students are from Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain, France, Mexico and many other places. Timezones are sometimes an obstacle in organising classes but we always find a way around them so that people can benefit from being in international groups as much as possible!
  3. Schools that specialise in the online study aren’t going anywhere. Lots of schools had to go online in the time of the pandemic but the real experts at online teaching will stay there. We know what to do to keep you motivated and make our classes interesting, interactive and to keep you coming back for more!
  4. This one will be connected to point number one but have you heard about ‘the affective filter’? No? Let us explain! It’s the barrier that you have that doesn’t let you engage and speak freely in a language class. How to remove it? By being relaxed and comfortable. Where are you most relaxed and comfortable? AT HOME! We find our students open up and speak much more freely in our online classes compared to our experiences in the face to face classes. The learning is also more personalised as it happens in your private space so everything around you can be used as a resource (eg describing your room in English is a fun idea!)
  5. And finally, it ultimately is A LOT CHEAPER! The classes may cost the same (remember they are THE SAME quality) but think about the money that you are NOT spending on transport, a coursebook (we don’t charge extra for materials!) or coffee during the break.

    These are just facts. We know people can still have their preference but we honestly believe that online English lessons are very much relevant, in demand and as valid as before. Still not convinced?

    Message us or comment here and we will organise a FREE TASTER CLASS so you can see it for yourself. We guarantee you’ll like it!